This is a model I made inspired by the garden at Uppark House, a National Trust property. I have used a planting diagram from their garden as a backdrop to the scene. They have one of the 2 great doll’s houses from the Eighteenth century housed there, hence the play on scale with the doll’s house wellington boots.

Paper and plastic

Copyright Lizzie Thomas 2013

paper paper art papercutting papercraft dollhouse

Maquette playing around with 3D form based on the theme of a fairy tale house and researching the meaning of houses in folk tales. I plan to paper cut each cube.

This is by far some of the best book art I have seen, simply genius. Made by Thomas Allen, We are both exhibiting in the World Pop Up Art show in Seoul Arts Centre, South Korea at the moment.

Forms in Nature

"For thousands of years we used paper to write, paint and communicate our thoughts, dreams and desires. Paper-cutting is a unique art form, Chinese women use this graceful and intricate media to record the joy and surprises of their lives."
- Yu Fordy Fu, paper artist, from ‘World Pop Up Art’, published by Artcenter IDA